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About US


Bivo Support UK is a non-profit Bivocational Ministry Development enterprise.

Our Conviction


We have the bold conviction that limited finances and work or business engagement should not prevent someone from fulfilling their calling to ministry and fulfilling the Great Commission.  


Our Mission


Bivo Support UK is a non-profit ministry organization that exists to:


  1. Raise awareness of Bivocational Ministry and its impact in God’s Mission for the Church and the world.

  2. Provide and coordinate Bivocational Ministry-specific and or related training to Bible Colleges (Seminaries), Churches, Ministry Leaders and the Church at large.

  3. To offer consultancy and support to ministries (including churches and denominations) and other ministry associated bodies on developing training and organisational structures that support Bivocational Ministry and Ministers.

  4. To undertake and support research in the area of Bivocational Ministry and related areas.

  5. To source for and issue small grants for Bivocational Ministry focused projects and training & development to individuals and ministries.

Our services 


We offer:

  • Bivocational ministry training and development 

  • Mentoring for Bivocational Ministers 

  • Consultancy to churches and denomonations on Bivocational ministry strategies support and training and training packages for Bivocational Ministers 

  • Consultancy for Bible Colleges and Theological schools on Bivocational Ministry training and cariiculum


Some facts about Bivocational Ministry


Bivocational Ministry:


  • is a biblical option for fulfilling the Great Commission.

  • is not new: apart from Apostle Paul in the Bible, a number of early ministers and missionaries who made a great impact for God’s mission - such as English Baptist Minister and Missionary William Carey (1761-1834) were bivocational ministers.

  • is not necessarily ‘part-time ministry’ but a ministry for those with two vocations who serve the Lord with ALL of their life.

  • is not only for small or poor churches and ministries. While this was largely the case historically, many people today are choosing to become bivocational ministers willingly..

  • offers opportunities and at the same time presents challenges


Do you want to know more about  Bivocational Ministry? If the answer is yes, click HERE for to watch this video.


How you can support 


  • Donations – our funding is largely dependent on donations from individuals and bodies that share our mission.  Please get in touch if you are considering to make a donation, or follow the link on the donate button below.

  • Trusteeship - We are currently open to and inviting individuals with the appropriate knowledge and skill to support our work as trustees.

  • Research – We are looking to fund, support and or collaborate on research initiatives that focus on Bivocational Ministry. Please get in touch if you wish to explore these opportunities.

  • Training – Much of our work involves training and development. If you believe you have the knowledge and skill and experience to support with training in Church Planting, Ministry Leadership, Church Governance etc; please get in touch to explore these opportunities.

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